Services and Amenities

  • Interior & landscape designing

    global heights interior designing and landscaping services

    At Global Heights, landscaping is given equal importance to architecture and interior design. We believe that apart from the dwelling unit the ambience of the surrounding areas in the compound contribute to comfortable living for the occupants. Landscaping does not just end with the gardens and water bodies, careful attention is paid to every detail including the design of the pavements and the parking areas.

    We give extreme importance to the perfection of each individual unit bought from us, and assist the customers in case the customer likes to add any his own touch to the interior and landscape of the unit. Global Heights has a highly skilled team of interior and landscape designers who are enthusiastic and strive to carry out every whim of our esteemed clientele.

  • Facility Management

    global heights facility management services

    We believe that a home delivered is also a home to be nurtured. This belief gives us the drive to fully manage and upkeep our beloved customers’ dream homes with a well equipped and competitive facilities management team.

  • Post Sales Services

    global heights post sales services

    A bond once formed is a bond to be kept forever. Global Heights provides exquisite post sales services and solutions to its customers including rental and resale. These services provide us with a happy bunch of delighted customers who demand for second-serves and wait to know what is new from Global Heights.


    global heights care for elderly services

    At Global Heights we understand that the elderly residents in our developments require special facilities for comfortable living. Apart from the security and the convenient facilities management, we can arrange for household help and home nurses, if needed. If medical assistance is required, a full-time supervisor on site ensures prompt attendance by a qualified physician. Should the need to access medical facilities outside arise, we also provide logistics support.

    Not just that, should any of our elder residents need to get any work done outside, we will gladly assist. Service for the elderly is but one of the many services that is rendered by our dedicated professional facilities management team. We also provide automation solutions for the elderly that include automated reminders on medication and alarm systems to alert the full-time onsite supervisor should help be needed in emergencies.


    global heights customization services

    With the intent of providing maximum value for our customer’s money, we encourage and support customized modifications that our clients may opt for. We also provide the consultation of interior designers and architects, if and when our customers need it.


    global heights automation services

    Global Heights provide exclusive lighting and automation solutions, to help our esteemed clientele bring perfection to their dream home. Automatic lighting and automatic gates can be provided. Customized automation solutions for the elderly with automatic reminders are available. We help the customers in identifying and installing the ideal brands inside their individual dwelling units.


    global heights services

    Adding more exclusivity to the dream homes of our customers, we provide the option of having a private pool within the compounds of individual units. The work would be executed by our exclusive team of engineers after a thorough study by an experienced landscape designer.

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