The ultimate pleasure of waterside living

Much of Kerala’s waterways are navigable and were once the state’s highways used to transport goods and people. Towns such as Kollam and Alappuzha became centres of trade points from where merchants ships plied the backwaters, shuttling valuable cargo from the interiors to the coast and vice versa. Even today locals use the backwaters to move from place to place in little canoes or paddle boats. If the remotest villages and islands in Kerala are linked to the most important ports, it is thanks to this network of waterways. Today the backwaters ferry a different kind of cargo – tourists, by the boatloads. And backwater tourism packages are much sought after. The Government of Kerala has already planned to convert Panangad, part of the Kumbalam Tourism Village, into the new gateway to backwater tourism.

Cheppanam is an island set in the waters of the Vembanad Lake, just off the coast from Panangad. The island is a riot of green colour with an abundance of coconut palms and lush green mangroves surrounded by the deep emerald green waters of the lake. Cheppanam is quickly becoming a preferred location for many of the tourism projects that are envisaged as part of the development of Panangad.

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