Live a pollution free life

India as we all know is the fastest growing economy amid depressed global growth. Almost all the states in India are also recording rapid economic growth. Kerala is on track to raise the level of the living standard of its population. Our main advantage is a young population with a passion to get ahead in life.

In India, as also in Kerala, there are serious problems related to pollution. Air pollution is one of the major concerns which is impacting the health of our population especially the young and thereby severely affecting the economic growth prospects of the state and the nation. If we take the example of Kochi, one of the fastest growing cities in India /Kerala, the greater Kochi industrial cluster area is critically polluted, according to the Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index (CEPI) of the Central Pollution Control Board.

Therefore, most of the residential areas in and around Kochi have very poor air quality which is affecting the health of the residents of these areas. However, Lakeshore Garden Luxury Villas in Kochi offers you a home nestled amongst lush greenery on backwaters away from all the hustle and bustle of the city with one of the finest air qualities. Global Heights properties and Developers one of the leading Builders in Kochi has conceived Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi on the island of Cheppanam in Panangad, by the banks of the Vembanad Lake. Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi , promises a life style of unmatched luxury in the lap of pristine surroundings with the finest air quality. Lakeshore Gardens luxury villa in Cochin is free from industrial as well as automobile pollution. The parameters of the ambient air in this luxury villa has been tested and found to be one of the best in the state of Kerala. It is indeed a rare privilege to own residential unit in this luxury villa project, where you are assured of a very healthy living.

India has to take immediate steps to arrest the deteriorating conditions to create a proper environment for growth and healthy living for its citizen and also create clusters of residential areas with good air quality such as Lakeshore Garden

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