Luxury and Comfort Combined

India is a country of over one billion people and out of this billion, about 33.3 million people live in Kerala. As a result, real estate in the city has become incredibly limited and it has become hard for people who have just moved in to find apartments in Cochin. The experts at Global heights understand how important it is for the country that more and more houses are built in order to accommodate more people. This is why they have come up with the beautiful and comfortable Lakeshore Gardens. They provide residents with everything that they may need like parks, hospitals schools and the like.

Overview At Lakeshore garden, people can live every day like they are on holiday. The life here is so carefree and full of panache that it is almost like residents are on a permanent vacation. At Lakeshore Gardens, residents can live a life they will be proud of.

The foundation of the project was largely based on a number of different soil analysis reports. The security being provided to residents is super strong and steps have been taken to ensure safe life for the people.

The villas in Kerala are located on the Cheppanam islands in Pananangad. The Vembanad Lake is just nearby allowing for a number of water sports to take place in the society. The surroundings are absolutely pristine and divine, like a slice cut directly from heaven.

Floor-Plans The ground floor has been designed with a lot of greens being placed all over. There are small gardens to accompany the villas and when one enters the ground floor of the house, it strikes them how intricately the greenery from outside has been incorporated in the house as well. The ground floor consists of the dining and living areas which are spacious and roomy. They offer a great view of the gardens outside and the huge windows allow for the natural light to keep the area lively and bright.

The first floor is where the bedrooms are located. There are three main bedrooms which are large and airy and all three of them are attached to a single hall where the family can gather in their free time. The master bedroom comes with a garden located on the terrace.

Lastly, the second floor is for having a peaceful time and relaxing. A large plot-like space is big enough to be used as in in-house cinema or a place to hold parties. A terrace and study is also located here.

Additional-Features The villas for sale in Ernakulam are located in a society that is full of many activities like water sports in the water gardens. People can opt for swimming, canoeing, rowing, fishing and a number of other water sports. They can also go there for picnics and the like. There are many services like care for the older generation.

So, if people are looking for a house for sale in Kochi, Luxury Gardens are the place to be. Do not miss out on the opportunity to live with style.

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