Beautiful Landscape in Cochin

The Luxury Villas at Lakeshore Gardens in Kochi is set in 5.5 acres of land with 8 meter wide roads and beautifully landscaped grounds which includes ample water bodies and lush green gardens with manicured lawns. Over one third of the total area in the Luxury Villas is set aside for landscaping and common facilities. The entire layout perfectly complements the beautiful natural surroundings at these villas in Cochin. The main objective is to enhance the site with appropriate vegetation and get an enriching experience of backwater ambience for our customers living in these Luxury Villas at Lakeshore Gardens. The site has the potential to be converted into an interesting coastal environment that serves as a sanctuary of flora enabling recreation and appreciation of nature with an intend of enhancing the quality of living for our customers residing in the Luxury Villas at Lakeshore Gardens.

At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi a series of eco-habitats will be developed to accommodate a wide variety of indigenous plants, birds and insect species which would help the residents to directly connect with nature. The Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas also caters to various outdoor recreational and fitness activities. The footpath shall be designed following the universal design principles to allow access for the pioneer generation and the physically challenged at the Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin. At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas, to ensure sustainable design, development, management and use of the site, eco friendly construction and usage of material as well as furniture shall be proposed in consultation with the client. Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi will be developed by retaining a natural and rustic feel with an intend to initiate ‘living with nature’.

To enhance the looks of our Luxury Villas, we propose the following:

• Increase the variety and density of backwater vegetation.

A wide variety of coastal and suitable plants will be grown at the Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin to enhance as well as sustain the site’s forest feel. Concurrently, the selected tree species will provide adequate shade and soften the proposed landscapes.
At the Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas we propose backwater mangrove vegetation and special design treatment that will enhance the ecological strength.

Lakeshore Garden global heights