Enjoy the pristine weather of Kerala

Except for the highlands, where temperatures ranges between a moderate 15OC and 30oC, much of Kerala is hot and humid. Temperatures during summer months ( March – May ) can rise up to 37oC in the interiors. The coast, cooled by sea breezes, gets as hot as 32oC, but this, coupled with a humidity factor which can rise up to 85 to 95 percent, can turn the land into an open sauna. The unseasonal thunderstorms that occasionally erupt in the summer months offer a little relief, making the humidity level soar even further.

In early June, just when it seems that the earth will bubble forth in the summer heat, the monsoon breaks in a tumult of thunder and lightning. Cataracts of rain hammer down, sometimes for days on end, without respite. The seas churn jugglers tossing gigantic waves into the air. Gusts of wind dance around and make giant coconut palms tremble at their very touch. Umbrellas threaten to turn into hot air balloons and carry up into the grey clouds the hapless humans hanging on to them for dear life! And then the rain stops. The land washed, nourished and refreshed. Streams and rivers gush forth in rapture, burbling their joy to the world. Lakes and ponds swell to their brims. Frogs croak delightedly and fireflies flit about. Kerala gets most of its rain from the south west monsoon ( June – mid October ), but also enjoys the benediction of the north east monsoon ( Late October – December ). The southern parts of the state enjoy most of the rains that come with the north east monsoon, while the northern parts get heavy rainfall during the south west monsoon and relatively lighter rainfall during the north east monsoon.

At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi , the design of the villas is modern while at the same time incorporating features that protect the building from the elements during Kerala’s monsoon and hot, humid summers. At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin while allowing ample natural light and air, the design ensures that walls, windows and doors are protected by sun / rain shades. At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kerala , we have consciously stayed away from recent trends in building design such as cubism since these are best suited for colder climates.

The Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villa project is located on the Cheppanam island in Kochi, Kerala. The huge lake surrounding this island helps in keeping the temperatures atleast 2o less than what is prevailing in the rest of Kochi. The island is a riot of green color with an abundance of coconut palms and lush green mangroves which helps in keeping the humidity levels relatively low compared to the rest of Kochi/Kerala. Those living in the Lakeshore Gardens luxury villas in Kochi by virtue of its location and design of the villas can escape from the hot and humid conditions which is generally associated with Kochi and Kerala.

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