Lakeshore Gardens: Care for Elderly

Old age is that undesired phase of life that is unavoidable. It comes to all. Inevitably. Yet, surprisingly, most people are not prepared for it. It’s a period when people require extra love and care. When the body begins to wilt under pressure imposed by years of stress and hard living. When ailments, both small and big, begin to assert themselves. When you have all the time in the world, but others just don’t have the time for you.

We at Lakeshore Gardens Luxury villas in Cochin, feel strongly about the elderly in our society not being able to enjoy their not so active phase of life. They often segregated from the mainstream society and have to live in retirement homes. Here at Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin, they can live in dignity in their own homes with all the support and care they need. Should they need medical assistance, the 24 hours facility management team at Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin can arrange for doctors on call. If medical assistance outside the facility is required our team at Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin will provide logistic support. Customers, especially those living abroad and in different parts of the country need not to be worry about the welfare and security of their parents living in Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi. The Luxury Villas in Cochin at Lakeshore Gardens provide automation facilities such as medication reminders, alarm systems and internet based monitoring systems that allow customers in any part of the World to check on the well-being of their loved ones. In most Villas in Cochin, elder residents, due to lack of mobility brought on by age, tend to be restricted to one floor. Lakeshore Gardens promoted by Global Heights Properties & Developers one of the famous Builders in Cochin, despite there being three floors, elder residents will easily be able to access every corner of the villa because each floor is connected by a home elevator.

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