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At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi we have a clubhouse which is of 12,000 sqft and has various amenities which can be enjoyed by our investors. And one amongst them is the Ayurveda rejuvenation center in the Clubhouse. Ayurveda has been acknowledged worldwide as a best alternate holistic treatment. It is a great remedy for the chronic diseases. It gets rid of all the toxins accumulated in the body. You may feel young and more relaxed after a minimum of seven days of treatment. Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin is the ideal place for this treatment due its special climatic conditions, quality treatment and abundance of medicinal plants. A lot of investors mainly from the UK and Gulf invest at Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kochi to undergo this treatment to get themselves rejuvenated. At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kerala , this has been made possible because of our close association with one of the leading Ayurveda hospitals. This, along with the other high end amenities at Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin, truly gives a resort like feeling to our customers. Yoga and Meditation would provide more insight to the visitors about the natural way of healing. At Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Kerala the Boat Club area besides the Vembanad Lake is the perfect spot to practice yoga and meditation due to its peacefulness and away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Confederation of Indian Industry has been partnering with the Government of Kerala since 2006 to organize the highly successful conference & exhibition on Health Tourism. With this unique proposal aimed at bringing all stakeholders together and attractive business connectivity, Kerala Medical Tourism is all put to capture the health tourism industry in the country & build Kochi the international hub for it by 2020. Lakeshore Gardens Luxury Villas in Cochin. is having a tie up with Lakeshore Hospital for providing medical assistance to the elders residing in our villas. The medical assistance includes 24/7 doctor on call and Ambulance facility.


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