“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion."

-Jack Welch”

Team Global Heights

Mr. George Kulangara


Mr. George Kulangara, well known internationally both for his business achievements as well as the contributions he has made to society, is at the chair of Global Heights. With over 4 decades of success and expertise in a wide spectrum of businesses, Mr. Kulangara’s foresight and guidance are an invaluable asset to Global Heights. As a man who has seen the world, Mr. Kulangara understands the psyche of the customer, combines it with the humanism he has always upheld, and drives it to perfection along with his co-visionaries at Global Heights. Mr. Kulangara’s perpetual interaction with people from all levels of life, gives him the inspiration to drive business in the best way to cater to their needs. Apart from being a successful business persona, Mr Kulangara holds the reputation of being a nationally reputed educationalist as the Chairman of “Labour India Publications Limited” and “Gurukulam Schools of Education”. He is also a highly admired philanthropist, who is now presiding the “World Malayalee Council” of Kerala, and overseeing its various charity activities.

Cdr (Retd) RM Nair

CEO and Director-Strategies and Implementation

Behind the wheels of Global Height’s exponential growth is Cdr. RM Nair, an Ex- Top level Indian Navy officer turned business man. A man of details driven by an iron-will to succeed, Cdr. Nair carries with him the experience of more than 30 years in creating, developing and inspiring top class teams to make the impossible possible, in the most disciplined way. During his tenure with the Navy, he has been Project Director for the prestigious Naval Academy project at Ezhimala in North Kerala. His meticulous approach towards adopting latest technologies in construction and keenness in procuring the most modern machinery and equipment makes Global Heights a forerunner in its business. Cdr. Nair, the brain behind defining and adhering to the company’s vision and mission, is also adamant on using his expertise for developing the company’s human resources through timely and recurrent training sessions to both the technical and the non technical staff. A globe trotter in his leisure and an avid reader, Cdr. Nair is constantly in the process of gathering information and analyzing the happenings around, enabling him to foresee things and organize himself to the achieving his vision. The ideas of all our projects from conception to delivery come from his vast experience and farsightedness. He is also the director of Northstone Builders & Developers Private Limited, a well-established name in the area of Government and private contracting and the Managing Director of Mediwings, a leading name in Pharmacy Distribution.

Mr. Thampan Varghese

Director (Technical)

A civil Engineer by profession, who has an enviable track record spanning over three decades in the infrastructure development industry, Mr. Thampan Varghese has to his credit a vast number of projects in all the sectors of infrastructure development, along with his exclusive expertise in managing major residential and commercial projects. His career history also extends to his vast experience in executing road and building works in the Government sector. A leader and advisory in the construction industry with many followers and disciples, Mr. Thampan Varghese’s impeccable expertise enables us to stay true and honest to our Vision of timely deliveries, and to the promises given to the esteemed patrons of our quality projects. Mr. Thampan Varghese also has to his credit, the fame of being constructor of the first high-rise in the city of Kottayam.

Mr. Joseph Mathew


An Ex-NRI turned businessman, with over 30 years of overseas and domestic experience in various industries, Mr. Joseph Mathew is a leading business persona who holds the Chief Financial Officer’s chair at Global Heights. His experience in budgeting and finance, his market knowledge and assessment along with his many global business contacts, enable us to execute the projects as in a timely and tidy fashion. Apart from being a prominent and successful businessman, Mr. Joseph Mathew’s hands extend to many humanitarian activities as well. He is presently an executive member of the World Malayalee Council, the most prominent network of non-resident Keralites across the globe. This Businessman/Philanthropist, despite his busy schedule, finds time for charitable work and supports various such activities too.

Mr. George John


Mr. George John, an overseas business personality, currently based in USA, carries with him an unmatchable experience of decades in the international realty and infrastructure development industry. His steady vision, knowledge and expertise in the global arena of realty business, combined with his unrelenting drive and passion to fulfill the commitments undertaken, gives the boost and encouragement to the team in all its ventures. Mr. George John also vitalizes the team with exuberance and confidence, acting as a global means of communication for Global Heights. Apart from being the Director of Global Heights, he is also the Vice Chairman & Overseas Director, USA, of Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates and the Director of Northstone Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. Mr. George John also spends the little free time he gets on establishing and supporting various charity organizations.